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Driven by passion for expedition sailing, nature and documentary film, Arctic Yachts provides support to Film, Ski & Sail and Adventure Sailing projects in high latitudes. 

Arctic Yachts produces original content - ESVBS, Arctic Youth - and is a yacht broker specialised in expedition.


After 15 years of professional sailing, focused mainly on expeditions in the Arctic, we have taken the course that connects our two biggest passions: expedition sailing to documenatary film.

The dream came true when we met film director Victor Kossakovsky and his crew. Together we sailed in  Greenland, chasing the biggest spectacles of Arctic nature, then across the North Atlantic riding down the winter storms. All that for filming "Aquarela" onboard the beautiful 100ft expedition schooner Polski Hak.

Sailing in Greenland. Photo credits Florian Ledoux

It was a life-changing experience.

Never before our sailing talents have contributed so much into the creation of something so beautiful. It became clearer than ever that a combination of expedition sailing and art was our favourite course to steer.

Filming "Aquarela". Photo credits: Ben Bernhard

Today Arctic Yachts team works closely with natural history and documentary filmmakers providing expedition support that makes their shoots in remote areas of the Arctic safer and more efficient. We source the most suitable yachts, provide network, advice, local knowledge and plenty of experience. Artists can focus on the actual shoot, while we take care of the expedition, well being, safety, and make sure they are always at the right place at the right time!

Icecap melt lake in Greenland. Photo credits: Ben Bernhard


Arctic Youth

We are developing a documentary mini-series focused on the relationship between human and nature. Arctic Youth will provide young filmmakers with the opportunity to make thier first steps in natural history film shoots under the guidance of very experienced film crew. In parallel they will create an entertaining behind-the-scenes adventure series following nine sailing expeditions in: Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Svalbard. 


Photo credits Florian Ledoux

Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show

The first edition of the  ESVBS  is an initiative with high focus on authentic, inspiring and informative photo and video content, driving the audience to connect with Participants.

We welcome onboard everyone passionate about expedition sailing, the Arctic, its nature, art, culture and adventure. 

The second edition of the Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show is planned for November 2021. We are inviting onboard many great people, projects, organizations and brands!


Arctic Yachts is a yacht broker specialised in expedition yachts. Our network, expertise and communication channels - ESVBS and @ArcticYachts - provide unique brokerage opportunities for expedition yachts - both new and second hand.

We wish to promote fantastic yachts, that we can truly recommend, new builds but also those that have already proved themselves in Arctic waters. 


Photo credits Florian Ledoux


We are always keen to partner up with brands that improve safety and efficiency of our expeditions!

Arctic Yachts is an authorised OSCAR dealer for expedition market. We have tested this fantastic innovation, learned everything about it, and have a great understanding of its potential in the Arctic.

We highly recommend OSCAR to every expedition yacht! We are keen to explain you this great piece of technology in detail, advise on the most suitable model, organise the delivery, installation and sea trials. 

Don't miss out on this incredible tool for improving your  safety in polar waters!





The first edition of ESVBS is an independently produced pilot, explaining who we are, pointing the direction we want to go, and inviting others to support it.

We made it free for everyone to participate and attend it.

We created it in the middle of a pandemic and global recession, with closed borders and our humble resources, but most importantly with a lot of drive, joy, sweat and passion!

You are more than welcome to tip the Creative Director

and support our creative work via 

ESVBS GoFundMe Campaign

Let's connect and break the ice for expedition sailors!