Online Event

The second edition of the

Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show

is planned for November 2021. 

We are inviting onboard many great people, projects and brands!


The first edition of the  ESVBS  is an initiative with high focus on authentic, inspiring and informative photo, video and written content, aiming to connect Participants with everyone passionate about expedition sailing, the Arctic, its nature, art, culture and adventure. 

The second edition of the ESVBS is planned for November 2021. We are inviting onboard many great people, projects and brands!

Photo credits Francesca Biella

Photo credits Hayat Mokhenache

We will connect with a variety of people and projects:

  • Expedition yachts, tall ships and research vessels

  • Coast Guard and SAR

  • Visit Agencies promoting the Arctic travel

  • Artists based in the Arctic: filmmakers, photographers, musicians, painters, and more

  • NGO's operating in the Arctic

  • Arctic tour operators & travel designers

  • Projects focused on science, exploration, adventure, education, and conservation of Arctic nature

  • Shipyards and design studios specialized in high-latitude yachts

  • Brokers and Owners selling expedition yachts

  • Clothing brands suitable for polar regions 

  • Expedition equipment brands: skiing, climbing, diving,  navigation, communication, sailmakers, tenders, film & photo gear, and more

Photo credits Hayat Mokhenache


  • January - April: connecting with interested parties

  • 15th of May: deadline for signing up

  • 21st of June: start promotion on Instagram, YouTube and ESVBS website. It will run continually for 10 months.

  • July - August: content production

  • 15th of September: deadline for submitting content

  • November (exact date tbc): release

  • 21st of June 2022: end of the second edition.


Photo credits Florian Ledoux


Photo credits Andy Holland


  • Connect with dozens of people, projects and brands

  • Develop great relationship with the Title Sponsor

  • Run a well financed social media campaign that will constantly grow the audience

  • Create great value to all Participants and audience.

The production will start once at least 30 Participants are onboard. If you are interested in joining us –  we would love to hear from you!


Would you like to contribute to the event with your art, story, or advice? 

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The first edition of ESVBS is an independently produced pilot, explaining who we are, pointing the direction we want to go, and inviting others to support it.

We made it free for everyone to participate and attend it.

We created it in the middle of a pandemic and global recession, with closed borders and our humble resources, but most importantly with a lot of drive, joy, sweat and passion!

You are more than welcome to tip the Creative Director

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ESVBS GoFundMe Campaign

Let's connect and break the ice for expedition sailors!