Florian Ledoux

Expedition Photographer

Florian is an award-winning photographer and drone photographer of the year 2018.

His work has been published in the most important magazines , as well as in the international daily press.

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« To See, Witness, and Protect »

Interview with Florian Ledoux

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Florian Ledoux is an award-winning wildlife and expedition photographer, with a former career as a professional reporter in the French Navy.

His artworks celebrate the beauty of the frozen continents, its incredible wildlife inhabiting the ice edge, powerful but yet so fragile, and the enormous importance they bear for the survival of our entire planet and all living species, by continually producing exceptional immersive visuals that draw the viewer into his sustainable development journey.

"Above the Crabeater Seals". Overall winner of Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2020. Photo credits Florian Ledoux

Above the Polar Bear - 2017

"Above the Polar Bear" - 1st Grand Prize Drone photography 2017

Photo credits Florian Ledoux

A large part of his work is based on aerial images; thus, he aspires to bring a new perspective on the fauna we already know through traditional photography. These images provide us with a new approach to observe and document wildlife behavior from a fresh angle, revealing animals in their entirety and in the context of a larger habitat and landscape, in a way that has never been possible in the past. 

“My biggest motivation for creating has always been nature, to be able to bring it to the centre of our lives and give those who cannot speak a voice.”

Florian is a curious, engaged, and caring individual who has committed his personal and professional life to sustainable environmental protection. Florian’s work is inspiring and motivating and presents an intimacy that showcases a deep relationship with the Polar Regions. Each of his photographs tells a story of the fragility of life on this planet.

Witness, Document, Protect

the fragile Poles

Ice Formation. Photo credits Florian Ledoux  



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