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Kimmernaq is a well-known Greenlandic pop singer. Fluent in three languages, she chooses to sing in Greenlandic, as a way to honour her cultural heritage and include it in her lyrics.

She is a woman of many talents, and one of her passions is acting. Kimmernaq featured in many  theatre plays and films, very recently in a thrilling TV series Thin Ice.



Kimmernaq Kjeldsen was born in Aasiaat, western Greenland, where she grew up in a Danish/Greenlandic family. ​

She nourished her passion for singing since her teenage years, although initially just as a hobby.

In 2006, after moving to Copenhagen, Kimmernaq released her first solo album, Tunissut - a ten songs work that contains metaphors and stories about her culture and local thematics. ​ Bringing something of her own cultural background to the public is in fact a key factor for Kimmernaq, proud of her heritage.


Inspired by rock, pop and grudge music, her songs vary from ballads to melodic tracks, with changing of rhythm and impressive low to high vocal performing. Greenlandic lyrics may be complicated to understand to foreign audience, but her songs are still a very pleasant listening for anyone. The perfect match between traditional and more modern sounds. ​ Kimmernaq represented her country in World Song Festival 2014 with the song Uummat Uumasuutigaa.

Talented all-around artist, Kimmernaq  attended The National Theatre School of Greenland, and for the past 5 years has been working as a professional actress based in Nuuk.
Among her latest works, she can be seen in the 2020 Swedish production Thin Ice, drama-thriller series about a research vessel disappearing in Greenlandic waters. The series is the first one settled and shot in Greenland. Just like Kimmernaq music, Thin Ice shows the audience many features of local culture, bringing attention on both current topics and local traditions.

"Thin Ice" series



Kimmernaq Kjeldsen

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