Kirsten Neuschäfer

Expedition Captain

For the past 5 years Kirsten has been working for Skip Novak on his Pelagic Expeditions to South Georgia, The Antarctic Peninsula, Patagonia, Falklands etc.  Kirsten is currently preparing her Cape George 36, a yacht which in 2022 she will be sailing in the Golden Globe Race: retro, solo, non-stop around the world race.

Kirsten Neuschäfer

Interview with Kirsten Neuschäfer

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Kirsten has been sailing dinghies since childhood, but sailing as a profession for 15 years: sail training, sailboat deliveries, and since 2015 she has been working for Skip Novak on his Pelagic Expeditions to South Georgia, The Antarctic Peninsula, Patagonia, Falklands, etc.  

She is currently in Prince Edward Island beginning on the refit of her Cape George 36 which she will be sailing in the Golden Globe Race in 2022. 

Kirsten at the helm of S/Y Pelagic, in Antarctica. Photo courtesy: K. N.

S/Y Pelagic Australis in Antarctica. Photo courtesy: Pelagic Expeditions

Kirsten has done a fair bit of single-handing, mainly along the South African coast, but she has done one long-distance, single-handed delivery from Portugal to South Africa, with only wind-vane as self-steering in 2011/2012, on an old and maintenance-intensive 32 foot ferro-cement sloop.

Other than that, she loves solitary adventures. Kirsten cycled from Europe back home to South Africa (approximately 15 000 km over one year) on her own, when she was 22, through Northwest- and Central Africa into Southern Africa and eventually ending at Cape Agulhas.

Her next challenge is the Golden Globe Race 2022, a solo, non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation. This retro race is based upon the first solo around the world race that took place in 1968. In order to stay true to the original race, boats are all older designs, no bigger than 36 foot, and modern navigational technology, like GPS, is not permitted. Instead, Kirtsten will be depending upon her skills in celestial navigation and dead reckoning.

This is largely a race of attrition, luck, seamanship  and adventure!

Kirsten Neuschafer - GGR 2022





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