A.I. Thermal Camera

OSCAR combines optical sensors and artificial intelligence to detect floating objects on your course, by day and night. OSCAR automatically assesses the risk of collision in real time and warns you of any potential danger, which significantly enhances your safety and that of your crew.

Oscar Thermal Camera

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OSCAR’s advanced features increase your vigilance and enhance your observation skills, giving you peace of mind and optimal sailing pleasure.


Day & Night Vision

Real-time collision prevention

Lightweight & Energy Efficient

AI-Based detection of floating objects

Developed in partnership with leading offshore racing teams

User friendly application

NMEA 2000 compatible

Compatible with rotating masts


From the moment mankind began exploring the oceans, we have tried to adapt to the weather conditions and have taken huge steps forward when it comes to navigation and communication.

OSCAR has been specially designed to detect hazards that cannot be detected by radars, AIS or sonar. Objects such as containers, whales, trees, etc. are usually only visible once it is too late. OSCAR is the perfect supplement to your marine electronics.

Raphaël Biancale, a Franco-German automotive engineer, founder of the BSB Group, is the inventor responsible for the OSCAR system. On his return form a 6 months sailing trip in 2013, Raphaël sought in vain for a system enabling a sailor to navigate waters by night in complete safety. With his work in intelligent car systems giving him great insight, he realised there was an opportunity to transfer the technology between the automotive sector and that of boating. The skipper now has a new crew member and he goes by the name of OSCAR.

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Arctic Yachts is the official dealer for expedition yachts.

There are currently different configurations of OSCAR system, starting at very affordable prices.

Contact us to find the best solution for your needs!

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