S/Y Polski Hak

Expedition Schooner

After numerous successful expeditions to Svalbard, Greenland and Arctic Canada, this exceptional 100ft expedition schooner is looking for a new owner to bring her back where she belongs!

Poslki Hak


S/Y Polski Hak was a realisation of the long-term dream of her owner, who was very passionate about early days of polar exploration, particularly Norwegian expeditions lead by Nansen and Amundsen. That admiration had big impact on outlining the specifications - she was meant to be as strong and autonomous as possible, perfectly suitable for long expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica, even spending the winter in ice. Hull design was driven by three main factors: big volume for higher autonomy, be comfortable and safe to sail in any weather and perfecty suitable for ice navigation.


Sailing in Greenland. Photo credits Florian Ledoux

PH interiors.JPG

Photo credits Arctic Yachts

But her biggest strenght is her beauty. Interior built in mahogany, all furnitures hand-crafted to compose a cosy home, styled in the spirit of tradition. As the planned expeditions were going to be long, the space for personal belongings is much bigger than average, and designed to be practical.

S/Y Polski Hak can comfortably host 10 people in 5 cabins, and has additional 4 bunks in the salon.  The dining table can fit up to 12 persons, and is placed near the reflex designed to look like a fireplace in a cosy mountain chalet.

The exterior is designed in the spirit of tradition and built in teak. The pilot house ensures the safety and comfort of the crew in any weather, while the deck layout is set for efficient operation by as little as 2 crew - that's all you need to safely take a reef or gybe this yacht in 50kts of wind.

Hundreds of hours of thoughts went into making her as easy and fun to sail as possible. Most important lines can be operated from both sides of the deck, keeping the crew always in safe spot.

The  Owner's original dream was to see her reach 10kts of boat speed. You can imagine his face when she topped 19.6kts of speed, while comfortably plunging through the big waves in 35kts of breeze.


Sailing in Greenland. Photo credits Florian Ledoux

Arctic Yachts team (Hayat and Peter), have had huge impact on this yacht. We took the beautiful idea to the next level, and optimised this prototype for expedition sailing. It took a year and countless hours of hard work, but the results were astonishing. She became a very seaworthy yacht, fitted for expeditions that can last up to 6 months. She has two proper workshops (one for deck, one for engine room), about 2 tons of spare parts, all most important systems are doubled, and has enormous fuel autonomy - 16.500 liters / approx 7000 Nm.

From 2015 to 2017 we took full management of S/Y Polski Hak and operated her in West Greenland and Canada from March to October, providing the platform to film and photography projects, Ski & Sail in Greenland, and numerous high-quality leisure charters. Every single guest and crew loved this incredible yacht! 

ArcticYachts_presskit_Boat people iceber

Midnight sun meal in front of Illulissat Glacier. Photo credits Arctic Yachts

The highlight of that operation was feature documentary "Aquarela" (dir. Victor Kossakovsky), which used S/Y Polski Hak as a platform for filming spectacular Arctic nature and row power of water during the crossing from Portugal to Greenland. She hosted up to 12 film crew and 2 tons of film equipment, and eventually became the character "Aquarela".


Our dear friend who created Polski Hak, is sadly no longer with us, we hope he is having great time with Nansen and Amundsen in Fiddler's Green.

We know this magnificent yacht is keen to hit the road and sail back where she belongs, but first she needs to find a new owner, that will take good care of her. As we put so much heart in her, and lived some of the best moment of our life when she was our home, we are more than happy to share our feedback, secure the transaction and organize proper handover.

When dreams come true... Photo credits Florian Ledoux

Additionally we can share all operating details (both in charter and private mode), and even help to develop a project in the Arctic.

If you feel comfortable with 2.5M Euro listing price, and have great ideas for this unique yacht, we would love to hear from you!

Approaching the glacier. Photo credits Florian Ledoux



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