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TOP TO TOP is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to Save the Arctic and inspire youth to protect our Planet.

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TOPtoTOP, funded in 1999, became an international family of volunteers from already 57 nations. The core team is the Schwoerer family. Mum is a skipper, ski guide and nurse. Dad is a skipper, international ski- and mountain guide (UIAGM) and climatologist.

Their six kids were born on the expedition in different continents and are keen to assist researchers on board of S/Y Pachamama.

toptotop-map 2020

TOPtoTOP Expedition "Over the 7 Seas to the 7 Summits", 2000 - ?

S/Y Pachamama is a 50 feet aluminium sloop designed by Bernard Nivelt, with the aim to develop a vessel that can operate sustainably and fully autonomously (renewable energies) with maximum safety in the toughest marine environments.

Pachamama gives another example that great goals can be achieved in harmony with nature.

Operating in the entire Arctic up to 82 degrees North for the last 5 years and becoming the first sailboat circumnavigating whole Svalbard under sail, they were able to collect evidence of the disastrous impact of climate change and plastic pollution and started to act cleaning up the mess.

You are welcome onboard to conduct field-based research, cleanup the world’s most remote regions and support their native inhabitants, and sharing examples of innovative solutions to save our planet!

S/Y Pachamama. Photo credits TOPtoTOP

Schwoerer family_round

Over the past 20 years, TOPtoTOP has circumnavigated our blue planet conducting field-based research for universities, scientists and research organizations, visiting the world’s most remote regions and their native inhabitants, and sharing examples of innovative solutions to protect our Planet.

S/Y Pachamama. Photo credits TOPtoTOP

In the last 20 years TOP to TOP traveled to connect all climates, accomplishing the “7 Summits non-stop around-the-world by human power and nature’s force Expedition” (*), followed by the “POLEtoPOLE Expedition”, where they opened a new Northwest Passage through Furry & Hecla Strait, before supporting Dr. Gina Moseley to get climate data out of remote caves in Northeast Greenland at the “EAGRE 2018 Expedition”.

(*) The first 7-summits non-stop round-the-world expedition connects the 7 continents with their various climate zones and connects environmental issues with sport to engage young people in particular.



" It’s not important where you are in life. It’s all about who you have by your side that matters.

Thank you for being on our side to make a change! "


S/Y Pachamama,

0001 Planet Earth

+41 79 943 52 35

"The Arctic we see as the womb of our planet. The Earth’s survival depends on the healthy Arctic."

- expedition leader Sabine

Welcome to join us and save the Arctic!

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We made it free for everyone to participate and attend it.

We created it in the middle of a pandemic and global recession, with closed borders and our humble resources, but most importantly with a lot of drive, joy, sweat and passion!

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