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Founded by Greenlanders, Two Ravens is an adventure company based in Nuuk that provides all season experiences suitable for any need and desire.  Two Ravens' founders - Adam and Thorlak - truly value their cultural heritage and love to share amazing stories about Greenland during their guided tours in the Arctic nature.


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<< Because in the end, it’s all about the stories you bring back home! >>


Guiding travellers across the magnificent wilderness of Greenland is more than a job for Adam and Thorlak, it’s a lifestyle.  Passionate, trained and knowledgeable about their country, they can guarantee unique moments and priceless memories. 

<< It’s all about the stories you bring back home! >>


Adam and Thorlak. Photo credit: Two Ravens

Camping! Photo credit: David Rogilds

Adam and Thorlak live and breathe the outdoor adventure life both when guiding and in their free time. They always do their best to provide customers with quality, fun and lifetime memories, offering a  wide range of experiences suitable to meet anyone’s needs and dreams. Whether you want to relax surrounded by the unbeatable beauty of Greenlandic nature, or challenge yourself undertaking more intense outdoor activities, with them you're playing safe. Opportunities are countless, just like the stories you will bring back home! ​

Adam grew up leading an active adventurous life and spent a significant amount of time sailing between Greenland and the Caribbean. Being a former boat builder as well, Adam won't stand back if anything needs to be fixed or built from scratch just using any available tool. This makes him the perfect fellow traveller to adventure in remote places with! When not busy crossing oceans, Adam kept himself occupied exploring far and wide on backcountry skis and mountain bikes, along with going hiking and trail running.

Skiing! Photo credit: Two Ravens

Camping! Photo credit: Two Ravens

Originally from Maniitsoq, small town in western Greenland, Thorlak feels at ease surrounded by unspoiled nature. Hiking, hunting and sailing are just few of his passions, while subsistence fishing in deep coastal fiords is definitely a distinctive talent of his. But Thorlak takes adventures to the next level, going beyond land and oceans. Soaring above Greenlandic landscapes with the aid of his paraglider, Thorlak now has a great knowledge of the areas around the fiord systems near the capital city of Nuuk. All the charming experiences lived in and above the backcountry make Thorlak the perfect storyteller for a fun night around the campfire!



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Adam Mike Kjeldsen

Co-founder and guide

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Thorlak Skifte Nielsen

Co-founder and guide

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